Single Sign On (SSO) 
When a user logs into the PC the cloud based profile automatically logs the user into their Skype desktop app, the Teams desktop app and all your companies cloud based apps such as DocuSign, DocVelocity, DropBox for business etc. 

Mortgage companies are using more Software as a Service (SaaS) applications. As the number of SaaS apps grows, it becomes challenging for the administrators to manage accounts and access rights, and for the users to remember their different passwords. Managing these applications individually creates extra work and is less secure. 

• Employees having to keep track of many passwords tend to use less-secure methods to remember them, either writing down passwords or using the same passwords across many accounts. 
• When a new employee arrives or one leaves, all their accounts must be individually provisioned or de-provisioned. 
• Additionally, employees may start using SaaS apps for their work without going through IT, which means they are creating their own accounts on systems that the IT administrators haven't approved and aren't monitoring.