Move your mortgage business to the cloud and never worry about technology or security again.

There are many cloud service providers but only ABT is exclusively focused on the mortgage vertical with the largest mortgage software hosting footprint in the country. Scale up branches quickly and efficiently with the ingenuity and experience that comes from having over 500 active mortgage customers in the cloud. ABT’s leadership team has a highly successful 15 year history of solving the most difficult mortgage technology challenges. Imagine solving your toughest mortgage problems with ease by leveraging over 50 years of combined mortgage technology experience. 

Bring your “A” game to any mortgage IT challenge and let ABT’s know-how, certifications, partnerships and experience help you solve your mortgage technology puzzle.  Having ABT on-board with your IT team will make all the difference. ABT’s primary mission is to empower you and your team with the ideal workspace.  This will ensure the success of your mortgage professionals and enable them to thrive.


The MWS Portal is a convenient entry point to your company. This secure Portal provides you access to your team (by group, branch office and/or department), their security, their devices and data. You can control and manage your entire workforce from one web accessible access point. With rich features like single-sign on, multi- factor authentication, and user application logs. The MWS portal is simple for on-boarding new staff in moments; not hours or days.

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ABT Email Encryption 


How do you maintain compliance and prevent data theft and leakage? DocumentGuardian™ was designed specifically for mortgage companies. Using 256 bit SSL encryption with personal file drop links and the advanced syncing-sharing-versioning features of Microsoft OneDrive for business.

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From desktop to web, across your devices, bring your mortgage business to life with Office. Anytime, anywhere productivity with Microsoft Office 2016 suite of products. Office 365 keeps itself up to date, so you always have the latest features of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. Whether you’re working online or off, from your computer, tablet, or phone, ABT has you covered. With low upfront costs and the flexibility to add users and services as needed, we provide the ROI you need to succeed.

Device_Guardian-glow.pngDeviceGuardian™ not only protects PC's and laptops just like they were connected to a physical domain but it enables users to work from home, over public internet connections and even use their own personal devices to get business done all while protecting company data, documents and software.

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EmailGuardian provides cutting edge security to your email system by protecting your company from targeted threats, spam, malware and Phishing. With EmailGuardian you get a 100% up time guarantee and advanced administration features. With automatic rules based encryption and data leak prevention you can rest easy that your company is protected.

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NetworkGuardian™ is a network monitoring service that includes SonicWALL, Cisco Enterprise Switches, Solar Winds and custom configuration with 24/7 network and device monitoring. The networking experts at ABT will work directly with your Internet Service Provider to perform diagnostic testing that ensures your internet is functioning at the level it should be. ABT will create bandwidth traffic lanes to ensure that your business critical systems such as phone, email and loan origination systems always have bandwidth they need. Businesses protected by NetworkGuardian™ receive monthly reports detailing security threats, harmful website access attempts and user bandwidth monitoring.

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RemoteApp helps employees stay productive anywhere, and on a variety of devices—Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, or Android. Your company’s applications run on Windows Server in the cloud, where they’re easier to scale and update. Employees simply install Remote Desktop clients on their Internet-connected PC, Mac, tablet, or phone and then access applications as if they were running locally.  Have the ability to run you LOS software on any device, from any location.

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Mortgage_Exchange_Logo_Final_Transparent_BG_2.pngMany mortgage industry applications provide exceptional functionality—but what happens when you want to move your data between systems? Or what if you need functionality that existing applications don’t deliver? When these issues arise, many mortgage-related companies are still manually reentering data or staying with systems that don’t meet their needs. ABT focuses on the Mortgage Departments of traditional financial organizations such as Banks and Credit Unions, CUSOs and other supporting service organizations. State housing authorities, Non-Profit organizations like Habitat for Humanity as well as Mortgage Banks and Brokers. One of our core strengths is moving data between mortgage software platforms. Within Banks and Credit Unions we eliminate the need to re-key data between, Origination – Servicing – Core – Accounting.

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