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Finastra Fusion Servicing Director

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Cloud-Based Mortgage Loan Servicing


Since 2001, ABT has utilized Servicing Director (formerly Interlinq), one of the industry’s leading mortgage servicing software systems.  From loan boarding to payoff, Servicing Director streamlines the servicing process to help financial institutions support borrower and investor needs.  All sections of Servicing Director work together to enhance your custom focus and improve operational efficiency while reducing the overall cost of servicing loans.


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Fusion Servicing Director Software is purchased through your Finestra Representative. Your Servicing Director Environment is provided and managed by ABT:

  • Automatic Backups
  • Business Continuity (available)
  • Disaster Recovery (available)
  • No servers or software to buy or maintain. Everything relating to the environment is included. 
  • Your Finastra Fusion Servicing Director environment is completely managed by our experienced ABT team.
  • Secure Access to your environment
  • SSAE18 Type II Certification
  • Integration to Other Systems available using MortgageExchange

Ready to Use Environment

  • ABT utilizes Microsoft’s Azure Data Centers for environment deployment.
  • We have over 20 years of success running the Servicing Director Platform.
  • Each end user accesses through a secure and compliance Remote Desktop portal. Multifactor Authentication is available.  
  • ABT provides “back office” tech support. 24/7 technical support of the server environment.                         

Security and Compliance 

  • Unique access for each user. Client can choose a short cut on their computer or for even higher level of security, our MortgageWorkSpace® portal which can provide Multifactor Authentication access
  • ABT provides a “Banking Due Diligence” package of documents to each client
  • ABT undergoes an internal security audit and provides resulting documentation (SSAE 18) certification as part of the Due Diligence package.
  • ABT will work with client to assist them. during any audit process they go though which involves the hosted ABT environment. (example – penetration testing by third party).

ABT Off-loads the Burden from Your IT Personnel

  • ABT’s tech support team takes on the servicing environment completely
  • Consistent monthly fee for your environment
  • No Servers to buy/update/maintain
  • Environments include appropriate SQL Data Base, licensing and personnel to manage it.
  • ABT manages any Finastra Fusion Servicing Director updates. Coordinating update times with the client
  • All backups are scheduled and managed by ABT

Additional Services 

  • ABT works with client to automate their Day-End process
  • Custom Report Writing
  • MortgageExchange interfaces- Connect with LOS / Core / Accounting platforms
  • Options for Redundancy and Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity environments available


Note: Fusion Servicing Director licensing is through your Finastra Representative

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