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Information Security Compliance

Add security and compliance to Microsoft 365

BI Reporting Dashboards

Realtime pipeline insights to grow and refine your learning operation

Mortgage BI

Integrations for Banks & Credit Unions

Connect LOS, core platforms, and servicing system


Productivity Applications

Deploy customized desktop layouts for maximum efficiency

App Pilot

Server Hosting in Microsoft Azure

Protect your client and company data with BankGrade Security

PointCentral Server Hosting

Work remote
productively and securely

Protect and monitor against
cyber threats
Stay engaged while
collaborating and communicating

Hackers are Targeting Remote Workers of Mortgage Companies because they Lack Security

Secure Your Systems, Employees, and Customers with a Deep Level of Protection Before:
Secure Cloud Storage and Backup
Microsoft 365 Guardian includes OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint to store, share and protect documents. We make sure those documents are encrypted and backed up in an alternate location.
Mortgage Specific Email Protection


Microsoft 365 Guardian protects your users from dangerous email attachments and links. When an attachment or link is clicked, a cloud-based virtual machine will open the link and verify it's safe. This prevents stolen passwords and malware.

Prevent Sign-ins from Non-Compliant Email


We create policies that prevent users from signing in to an email from old non-supported email applications. Legacy authentication methods cause more and more hacking incidents. With Microsoft 365 BankGrade, each user gets the latest desktop and mobile applications for up to five devices.

Daily Security Monitoring and Regular Security Assessments

Our Strategic Threat Assessment Team (STAT) will monitor your environment 24/7, sending you alerts for Phishing emails, service outages, suspicious sign-in activity, etc. Hacking incidents are growing exponentially. Daily monitoring will identify vulnerabilities before they become embarrassing incidents.

Don't Sacrifice Productivity for Security

Some IT people argue that you have to find the perfect balance between security and productivity. That's simply not true.  Microsoft 365 Guardian embraces the cloud and all it has to offer to give you the best of both productivity and security.


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Productivity and Collaboration at Your Fingertips for Less

Microsoft 365 Guardian includes the latest office productivity tools on one platform. Say goodbye to McAfee, Norton, Zoom, Slack, and Dropbox. M365 Guardian gives you video conferencing, screen sharing, and instant messaging to help you get more work done securely in less time.


Talk to an Expert
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Getting started with Microsoft 365 Guardian is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Meet with one of our productivity and security experts to complete your cloud assessment.
We analyze your results to match you with the best Microsoft 365 Guardian plan for your mortgage company.
Achieve digital transformation maximizing your productivity and security while lowering IT costs.
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Every loan officer should have this. Even though I have a secure website I have my clients upload documents to, they have to sign in and create a password. I still have renegade clients that just email to me and I can't control them from doing it. This way, it is as easy for them as email.
Debbie Cheselske
C2 Financial Corporation


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