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Our Software Partners


ABT provides a secure environment for and integration of the BNTouch CRM software to our hosted Calyx PointCentral and EllieMae Encompass 360 offerings.

ABT has been working with Calyx, the number one provider of mortgage solutions, for over 10 years. Calyx software streamlines, integrates and optimizes all phases of the loan process. Point, the preferred application for mortgage brokers and bankers, offers advanced technology with functionality and simplicity that makes loan processing fast and easy. A complete end-to-end platform, PointCentral enables a secure, efficient workflow with centralized storage and remote access.

Whether you're a small mortgage broker or a billion-dollar financial institution, ABT’s technology and mortgage experts are available to help run your systems smoothly and securely.  Learn More...

ABT provides a secure environment for and integration with Cimmaron software to our hosted Calyx PointCentral solution.

The Cimmaron Mortgage Manager is a powerful Mortgage CRM solution that automates mortgage marketing, lead distribution, and contact management. Cimmaron offers loan officers e-mail marketing, drip campaigns, loan status updates, loan surveys, referral partner tracking, and realtor co-branding. The Calyx Point® and Ellie Mae Encompass® hosting service provided by ABT integrates directly with the Cimmaron CRM solution allowing for real-time syncing, hands free updates to clients and real estate agents during the loan transaction process, and accurate marketing data once the loan has closed.


ABT provides integration between Compliance Ease, the leading provider of intelligent business solutions to financial and services institutions, and our Due Diligence software, FinalDecision. This integration creates a seamless process for creating a multi-jurisdictional compliance audit review for loan data. 


Integration from your ABT hosted mortgage software to the document company DocMagic.


Integration from your ABT hosted mortgage software to the document company Docuteth.


ABT hosts and integrates this Loss Mitigation work flow system into our hosted SaaS Loans servicing software offering using Harland FS’s Servicing Director.

Ellie Mae

Ellie Mae, an award-winning provider of software and services for the mortgage industry, offers a comprehensive line of loan origination solutions including the company's flagship Encompass 360® ABT provides an alternative for users looking for a secure, robust, and cloud-based option for hosting their Encompass 360 software.

Fannie Mae

Harland Servicing Director & E-3

The Servicing Director (Interlinq) solution is designed in modules to mirror the staffing functions of servicers and reduce the overall cost of servicing. Modules include customer service, escrow analysis, collections, subservicing and default management. Microsoft SQL Server™ technology supports a client-server based servicing system that can handle a growing portfolio, improve customer service and reduce the cost of servicing.


ABT provides managed services for a wide variety of Microsoft products including Dynamics CRM, Exchange, Office 365, Sharepoint, and SQL. Microsoft products help organizations and their employees transform information into impact. New and familiar products, features, and functionality improve how people and organizations connect to coworkers, information, and business processes.


PushMX Production and PushMX Sales products tie directly into Calyx’s PointCentral Product. When PointCentral is hosted by ABT, we install the communication application to the PointCentral server providing a seamless interface.





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