Software Partners

In one year, we’ve increased loan volume by 200 % and have already secured a significant return on our investment.
- Columbia River Bank
ABT specializes in the mortgage area, and has the expertise on how to work the technology, such as customizing a report.
- Travis Credit Union
Because mortgage servicing is new to our organization, it’s nice to have the expertise of ABT to back us up.
- Cusource
When I need an expedited custom report, I can rely on ABT to develop and deliver it to me quickly. Their team listens and responds with exactly what I need and are a part of our mortgage department’s success.
- Diane Coggins, Assistant Vice President Real Estate Loan Servicing/Secondary Marketing, Chevron Federal Credit Union
After acquiring another Credit Union, we had to convert their mortgage loans to our mortgage servicing system, hosted by ABT. Their mortgage expertise and dedication helped speed the conversion—we were pleased to have them as part of our mortgage team.
- Humberto Ornelas, VP of Lending, Chevron Federal Credit Union
When our in-house server failed, we asked ABT to host our PointCentral server. They got us moving data onto our new environment that evening and we were back in full swing the next day. ABT is a solid hosting group with great people who know how to help.
- Christopher T Carter, TJC Mortgage Inc.
Since transitioning to ABT from our previous PointCentral hosting company, our load times have dropped from 45 seconds to less than 5. My employees have noticed much better performance using ABT.
- Jeffrey Beck, American Home Lending USA LLC

Cloud-Based Due Diligence with FinalDecision™

Forensic Mortgage Auditing from the Cloud 

ABT’s FinalDecision is a cloud-based loan auditing, validation, and quality control software.  Built from the ground up by ABT with direct input from clients performing due diligence on mortgage loans, FinalDecision audits and analyzes loan portfolios for GSEs, banks, credit unions, MI companies, accounting firms, servicing companies, and more.

FinalDecision provides:

  • Loan Review
  • Multiple Control Points
  • Real-Time LOS Integration
  • Prefunding Quality Control
  • Post-Closing Quality Control
  • Continuous Origination Feedback
  • Defect Tracking
  • Performance Targets
  • Independence from Production
  • Lifetime Document Management
  • Snapshots Throughout Life-Cycle
  • Tracking of Data and Document Changes
  • Permanent Legal Record
  • Risk Assessment
  • Advanced Workflow
  • Document Management
  • Integrates with Third-party Providers
  • GSE Compliant

Designed to support multiple due diligence inventory and compliance processes, FinalDecision provides highly configurable, role-based security, business logic, and workflow rules.  Because the entire system is workflow and process-oriented, FinalDecision provides the exact due diligence process you need at any time. 

Why Choose FinalDecision?

Accessible Anywhere

Because FinalDecision is fully cloud-based, you can access your data from anywhere with an Internet connection.  Cloud access not only allows you to locate your auditors where it’s most effective, but also allows you to view the progress of your audits in real-time.

Business Rules

FinalDecision utilizes extensive configurable business rules to ensure consistent loan audit and data validation. Numerous loan scenarios can be established and utilized during an audit process. The business rules within these scenarios provide the alerts, criteria and thresholds by which the loan is reviewed. 


FinalDecision integrates with ComplianceEase for all state and federal-level compliance reviews.  FinalDecision also stores the ComplianceEase results data for future reference. 

Data Validation and Integrity

Final Decision validates loan files into electronic data and establishes validation and workflow criteria prior to audits.  Process libraries store pre-established rules and workflow so that audits and validations can be performed consistently over multiple jobs.

Document Storage

Through FinalDecision , all loan-related documents can be stored with each loan, creating a truly paperless environment for you and your clients.  Document retrieval is simple: view your documents online or export or print any stored document.

Due Diligence

Initially written as a scratch-and-dent due diligence system, FinalDecision interprets seasoned performing and non-performing loans.  This analysis provides crucial, high-quality forecast information vital for making informed purchasing decisions.

Fraud Detection

Business rules can be created to detect or warn of various types of mortgage fraud. FinalDecision provides interfaces to the top fraud engines, making the system a central repository of loan audit information. 


At the heart of any great Due Diligence system is its ability to validate, analyze, and provide insight into the details of a loan pool. FinalDecision contains a built-in custom reporting system with 20+ built-in reports that provide in-depth analysis of your loans.

Seamless Integration

FinalDecision integrates with third-party providers such as Clear Capital, Equifax, JVI Solutions, and more using ABT’s MortgageExchange.  By integrating with industry-leading providers, you’ll gain immediate access to data collected and stored on compliance, AVM, and fraud, all within FinalDecision. 


With a highly configurable and flexible workflow engine, FinalDecision creates and stores workflow libraries prior to audit.  Workflow scenarios are presented during the validation process based on loan-specific data, reducing the chances of error in the field.