What is Software as a Service (SaaS)?

Software as a Service refers to the shift occurring in the application delivery market. Instead of software being stored on your computer or on a local server, it is "served" from a server based in a secure Network Operations Center (NOC). Benefits of SaaS include increased data and software security and shifted responsibility for IT moved from the client to the service provider. 

In a hosted (SaaS) model, all hosted applications and infrastructure are located at a world-class hosting facility. This means all infrastructure and servicing issues and responsibilities are offloaded to the hosting company and their certified professionals. This also means that best-practice software management is the standard – daily backups, tested and qualified software upgrades and updates, virus protection and hardware redundancy are routine practice. 

What is a Vertical Service Provider?

A Vertical Service Provider (VSP) is an Application Service Provider (ASP) that covers the application needs of a specific vertical market or industry, like banking, manufacturing, education, real estate, government or law. As a mortgage VSP, ABT delivers top-of-the-line, end-to-end mortgage processing solutions accessible in real-time over secure web browser connections.

What is an Application Service Provider?

An Application Service Provider (ASP) is a company like ABT that remotely hosts software applications that authorized users can access through the Internet. As a mortgage ASP, ABT offers freedom from the expenses of software upgrades, hardware purchases, and an in-house IT staff.  ABT provides a skilled staff that helps our clients with system-related tasks, like systems administrations, exports, and report generation.

Why should I invest in new technology?

Businesses around the globe are employing vertical service providers (VSPs) to make their businesses faster, more efficient, and better at servicing their clients.  These businesses recognize the inherent value of outsourcing the technological components of their business—software, hardware, technical administration—making it easier for them to do what they do best: service their customers while maintaining flexibility in a fluctuating business world.

How can ABT help my mortgage business?

ABT can help your mortgage business in a countless number of ways.  Here are a few standout benefits:

Affordability – Our services save you the expense of software upgrades, major equipment investments, and an in-house technology team.

Productivity and Efficiency – Customized, integrated applications that meet your specific systems requirements allow your staff to efficiently manage your loan servicing business. 

Professional Support – Our technical support team helps you get the most out of your applications so you can spend time taking care of your business.

Rapid Deployment – Grow your business quickly without the high upfront costs of software, equipment, or investing in additional technology staff.

Reporting – Simplified, flexible tools allow you access to your data at a moment’s notice and generate custom reports with ease.

Scalability – With ABT mortgage software services, you’ll have the ability to increase or decrease services based on market fluctuations.

Can ABT make my business more competitive with larger organizations?

Yes. ABT provides solutions for companies large and small.  For small-to-mid-size businesses, ABT provides a secure, affordable technology platform for operating sophisticated systems and achieving greater efficiencies while maintaining affordability.  ABT upholds that substantial improvements in efficiency can be gained at very low technology costs, making it possible for smaller lenders to enter the mortgage processing market and compete with larger mortgage processing operations.

By working with ABT, smaller companies have access to modern hardware and top-of-the-line mortgage processing software at a minimal cost, compared to in-house systems maintenance. When combined with ABT’s cloud-based mortgage software hosting system, mortgage-processing software significantly enhances workflow and productivity, allowing team members to process more loans.  Moreover, complementary products afford smaller companies the capability to store and share data in a real-time environment, manage collections processes, generate management reports, and service complex or delinquent loans. 

Larger businesses make use of ABT’s innovative cloud-based technology solutions for integration of their legacy systems, bringing information and systems together as one “virtual system.”  This in turn provides larger businesses with real-time access to information, simplified report generation, and flexibility to share data with remote offices. 

What is “real-time access” to information?

Real-time access means you can easily get to and work with current data as though you were at the source of input. No matter where you are — home office, a satellite office, travelling with an Internet-enabled laptop, or at a client location — all you need is an Internet connection to access your data. 

What does “integrated” software mean?

Using our MortgageExchange application, ABT has the ability to tie unique software applications, web applications, and/or core legacy systems together. We integrate data between applications that typically do not communicate with one another. ABT makes the link: we’re able to move information from one application to another, minimizing the need for re-keying of information, increasing productivity and decreasing mistakes.

Why should I choose ABT over a competitor?

ABT pushes the known boundaries of technology to generate innovative, modern e-business solutions based on advanced cloud-based technologies. We have no competitors.  While other companies try to compete by using desktop applications that look pretty, competitors’ applications are still based on an underlying mainframe environment. We deliver open database, fully integrated solutions for truly cloud-based access to and management of your data.