Security and Data Protection at the Device Level - Who Has Access to Your Data?

DeviceGuardian™ is a tool that is easily installed on any existing or new device allowing ABT to securely manage all of your mortgage software, data, and users without driving up operating expenses and without reducing efficiency. DeviceGuardian™ PC and Device Protection makes all of your devices compliant with Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) regulations. 

How do Mortgage Companies allow their users to use their own devices, while protecting company data that resides on those devices? With the proliferation of devices used by employees, mortgage companies are solving this big dilemma with the use of DeviceGuardian™.  Mortgage companies are moving away from the traditional model, in which they own and provide devices to their employees, to a model in which employees use their personal devices for some of their production tasks. In this model, employees are allowed to use their personal devices for some work tasks, but only if the employees allow the company to manage some aspects of their devices to ensure the security of borrower data. Often, this means that users allow the company to apply custom policies, perform hardening of the devices, or standardize the operating system established by company policy. Executives and decision makers that read the CIO considerations for workstyle transformation paper from Microsoft can also identify the benefits of embracing a model in which people are empowered to use their devices to be productive at work.

  • Over 70% Of Companies Have Been Compromised by A Cyberattack in the Last 12 Months
  • 43% Of All Companies Had a Data Breach in the Last Year
  • Ransomware Is the #1 Security Concern for Organizations
  • 176% Increase in the Number of Cyber-Attacks this Year
  • The Average Cost of a Data Breach is $3.5 Million
  • 95% of Breaches Involve Stolen Credentials
  • See a live cyber attack map: here

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